Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Ball Plumbing Gets a Complaint

All our prices and charges are on our website:

We try to be as honest and transparent as possible, but recently we had a complaint from a landlord over an  overtime bill of $292.12, including tax. All charges were told to him and his tenant. He agreed to the prices.

The invoice break down:

Overtime Rate (09/08/12): $99.00 per hour x 2 hours: $198.00
Equipment Charge: $25.00
Trip Charge: $45.00
Tax: $24.12
Total: $292.12

I'll break it down further:

Overtime Rate (09/08/12): $99.00 per hour x 2 hours: $198.00. At that time, we were charging $66.00 per hour with 30 minute increments. O.T. is charged 50% more to bring the hourly rate to $99.00/hour. Still a deal at any time.

Equipment Charge: $25.00. Every plumbing company I've ever worked for charges for equipment and we're still far below what anyone charges. Try to rent an electrical 3/8th snake machine, an extension ladder, and 150' of electrical cord from Hardware Sales and see what it will cost you (a lot more than $25.00).

Trip Charge: $45.00. I wish we didn't have to charge that, but the cost of running a truck is almost prohibitive now. (my rant about gasoline and insurance deleted).

Tax: $24.12. Tax is 9%.

Total: $292.12 The total for that Sunday job is what most companies charge for regular time and good luck trying to reach them on a Sunday afternoon.


Unknown said...

No worries. People complain because they're special and you're not. Your prices and service are just fine by me.

Anonymous said...

Don't worry let people say what they want to being a plumber I know that your price is quite genuine.

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Unknown said...

So are these plumbers then losing a little bit of their reputation? My brother works up in Edmonton, Canada. I've also heard that he almost got caught in some scandal but somehow avoided it.