Thursday, December 6, 2012

Plumber Reviews

Repair work is a tough job and doubly so when dealing with plumbing problems. Our mistakes are put out there far more than our successes.

Once in a while a compliment about my work (besides having repeat business--the highest possible compliment) comes out of the blue. This one was emailed to my sister, who promptly sat on it for a few weeks. Sisters.... what can you say about them that won't get you into trouble?

Anyway, the sister thing aside, this compliment came from an old customer. More reviews, including the missing Google ones, can be found here:  Ball Plumbing Reviews

Thanks, Mr. E, for your kind words:

We have used Robert several times for several different jobs, a hot water heater, a kitchen sink, bad water pipes, ...  Each time Robert was there when he said he would, he listened and then asked questions.  His work was efficient, thorough, clean, and done in a cheerful manner.  He was clean and concerned about whether he had done what I had wanted.  Thanks Robert, given the age of my home, I am sure I will see you again.
Thanks again


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