Monday, November 26, 2012

Plumber Hourly Rates

Ball Plumbing has totally transparent prices and they can be found on the website: Ball Plumbing Prices

We're 30% cheaper than our closest competitor (licensed and insured companies---not your 2nd cousin). Most plumbing companies in Whatcom are charging 300% more than us.

Here is the breakdown for hiring a plumber from Ball Plumbing:

Hourly: $88.00
  Charged to the quarter hour.
  Extra labor, if needed: $44.00 per hour.

Service Charge: $45.00
  This is the travel/truck charge.

Parts: 50% mark-up over our cost.

Equipment: Starting at $35.00
  If used, this charge covers the cost of purchasing/maintaining.

Estimates: $55.00

Tax: Varied
  Starts at 8.1% of entire bill.

Other charges: Please visit the website and scroll down to near bottom: Ball Plumbing Prices

Ball Plumbing offers Contract Prices that includes labor, parts, and equipment charges. Tax is separate.

We have a price book that covers most jobs.



Toby Crane said...

This is great information. The plumbers have nice hourly rates. No wonder my brother is studying to be a plumber. I am excited for him and his plumbing company that he works for. It is difficult though in a ruff economy. Thanks for sharing this information.

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You made your point Toby.In fact, every home and building needs plumbing and so there are numerous opportunities for every plumbers.

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Plumbing services can be described as any activity involved within those operations, whether installation, repairs or maintenance.

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