Sunday, January 31, 2010

Another Wrong Phone Number!

This falls under: "Hey, if I were smart, I wouldn't be a plumber........"

I put back the 360-733-1292 number back on the website to make Google Maps happy again, but instead of 360-733-1292, I put 1293....I put in a wrong number! There are two correct numbers at the top of the page and the wrong number was in size 8 font on the very bottom, but you know which number everyone calls, right?

Funny thing is (more sad than anything) is I had a new customer mention the wrong number, but I thought she got it from the old phone book error, which was the designer's fault. She said she didn't and I shrugged it off until tonight.

Hats off to the gent who has the real 1293 number. He's had to correct many wrong numbers since the bad number started to circulate. I owe him big time, huh?

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